Richmond & Finch Black Marble iPhone X Case Review

Richmond & Finch Black Marble iPhone X Case Review

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Having an iPhone X is being part of an amazing experience. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of features and specifications. Once you opt an iPhone, you will never, in a million years want to own another phone.

Though purchasing an iPhone can be hefty on the pocket. The iPhone X costs a whopping $1000. The phone must have a cover to maintain its sleek and stylish design.

But why get the usual plastic or leather case? It gets a bit boring. The Richmond and Finch Black Marble iPhone X case defies the stereotypical look of cases.

The unique iPhone X deserves a unique phone case.

Why should you purchase this?

This elegant marble case is a hard and rigid case. Not only will it protect your phone from scratches, but it will also protect the screen from shattering when it falls. The Richmond and Finch provide 360 degrees drop protection. Your phone’s screen and back are protected, as well as the sides.

Dual-Layer Protection

This phone case has a dual layer protection system. So, in case of an impact, your phone will be out of harm’s reach. It perfectly fits the phone, which ensures that the screen does not destruct upon impaction. Neither does this phone case wear away.

Marble Finish

Unlike leather cases which shred or tear with time, this case is composed of hard plastic with a marble finish. It will stay smooth and will not wear off that easily. It being so, does not mean it will slip from your hand or slide from smooth surfaces. The smooth finish still allows the hand to grip the phone with ease.

Screen Protection

This case comes with bezel screen protection. So, when you place your phone on a surface, there will be no direct contact of the screen with it. Reducing the chances of abrasion whichever face you put your phone. Each cutout has artwork of silver metallic lining, which gives the whole case a distinctive edge.

Looking Good?
The Richmond & Finch Black Marble iPhone X Case, caters to all those individuals who need a striking phone case, balancing out grace and style. The black case has intricate detailing done with white tributaries in midst of the black background. The design is not limited to the back, but it continues to the edges as well.
The case cutouts have a silver metallic outline, which stands out from the dark aesthetic background of the marble. This design is not only eye-catching, but it is also fashion forward.
The Richmond & Finch logo is present on the bottom of the back in a panel of metallic grey. The overall look is quite modish maintaining the originality and feel of the phone.

Price Point
The Richmond & Finch Black Marble iPhone X Case retails for $46.00 on Amazon. The Richmond & Finch marble case support wireless charging. You don’t have to go through the hassle of taking the cover off, every time your phone runs out of life.


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