Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie iPhone X Case Review

Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie iPhone X Case Review

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In the age of social media, your best friend at this age is your camera and some good lighting. If you own an iPhone and are a blogger or need good lighting on the get-go, for any other reason. This review is for you.
Don’t throw away so much money on useless ring lights, they are heavy, you cannot carry them everywhere. Why not make your phone do that job too? Just add a simple phone case that glows and get the job done in far lesser money.
The Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie iPhone X case ensures protection for your phone, gives you good lighting for selfies and it makes it look iPhone worthy at the same time.

Why should you consider this?

The iPhone X is not only expensive but slim and stylish as well, costing you a fortune. This case will guarantee that it does not cost you your hand and leg.


This case is parallel to having a hard shell on your phone. Making your iPhone X experience a lot durable. This acrylic phone case prevents your phone from bending and breaking. With LED strips and good protection, the case is still nice to hold and slim. The design of the case is not bulky in any way. It is of 6.4 ounces. Your phone is easier to handle with this lightweight durable case.

Avoids Friction

The raised bezels provide screen protection against scrapes and streaks on the screen as it does not let the screen and camera lens come face to face with the surface avoiding friction. The cutouts align with the volume button, power buttons on the sides and the speakers and lightning port on the bottom edge.

Battery Installed

The LED strips on the sides do add dimension, but still, the side buttons are reachable due to the responsive case buttons. The case fits perfectly, will not loosen the grip on the phone in case the phone smashes somewhere. It also comes with a battery to charge the LED light confirming the longevity of the case.

Does it tempt the Eye?

The Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie iPhone X case comes in an oil slick finish and a faceted surface incorporated at the back. This adds a unique artistic angle to the back, making light bounce off in different angles from the phone. It also lets you grip your phone firmly and doesn’t let your hone slide off smooth surfaces when put faced up.

LED Stripped

There is a LED strip on the front edges of the case, flaunting a ring light effect. Making it perfect for videos and selfies. It also has them on the sides, making more sleek and stylish.
Now you would be able to snap photos with different light angles on the go, without having to carry heavy pieces of equipment with you.

Cost Specifications

The Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie iPhone X case costs $60.00 on the official website. It’s better to pay for a case than to pay hefty repair costs after you end up shattering your phone.


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