7 Top Features of iPhone even an Android-user can’t Resist

7 Top Features of iPhone even an Android-user can’t Resist

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When it comes to cellular phones but under the category of luxurious phones, you’ll see one phone that is iPhone. Yes! It is the first choice of all the people around you.
But! Why choose iPhone? There are some top features that are really attracting the users out there. Here are these features for you:

First of all the body of the iPhone really add into the plus point. The shape of the iPhone is almost consistent. This is the one thing that really attracted the users although it was modified with the time but did not lose the original charm.

The next most important thing that is the main attraction as well is the touch system of the iPhone. The iPhone has one of the most responsive touch sensors. The touch sensors are the screen works like a liquid base that flow with the movement of the fingers that is why it is so responsive and as a result attracts the users.

The other attraction is the camera of the iPhone. If we say that it is the main attraction than it won’t be wrong. Dual optical image optimizer in the latest phone of this series really adds into the attraction of the phone. This camera with high quality result in capturing your precious moments with your loved ones in such a way that it feels like real ones.

Next top notch thing of iPhone is video editing feature. It is really one of the most loved features all around the globe. The different filters and effects present in the phone compliment the original video and enhance the original files.

Another attraction is the colours of the phone. At first, it was available in only two colours. Black and white but now with the launching of latest series they are presenting different colours with a limited edition to check the reaction of the audience out there to create new, vibrant and eye-catching colours in it.

Every phone is incomplete without its accessories attached to it. One of the most appealing and necessary things is earphones commonly known as hands-free. iPhone did amazing jobs when it comes to ear phone. They are the first one who introduced Bluetooth earphones with mobile phones. These ear pieces with the highly sensitive microphone and high base ear phones really compliment the original hand set.

Now memory is the feature that you cannot ignore when you buy a phone. Yes! Here you will find out so much space that is near to endless space for a regular user. This storage feature attracted numerous people out there because no one wants to delete or shift their important files or photos into any external hard. That is why people started to prefer iPhone because here no storage issue will be an obstacle in their way to a care free usage of mobile phones.

This is the time to take the right step because after these features who won’t prefer this amazing, luxurious yet a wonderful phone.


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